[Mobile Games] Candy Crush Saga: Tips and Tricks

Back in 2012 candy crush was launched and produced by King. I have been playing since then, however, I reckon there was a couple of years that I haven’t played because I have completed the levels that were available and rather than waiting for new levels to come back on I moved on and played other games. I believed that I was on level 1200’s when I stopped playing for a period of time.

It was only in April / May last year that I began to play again. Seeing there were over 4000’s levels, it was a shock meaning that candy crush is still going all these years. However a lot has changed since, a lot of boosters are given out in exchange when you are watching ads etc. Getting boosters are much easy to get.

I’m not going to lie getting from level 1200 to where I am now taking months. Say the average level u completed say 100 per week there are currently 4895 – (1200 started on) = 3696 divide that by 100 equals 36.95 (say 37 weeks) that’s around 9 months. Maybe, you say 9 months However 100 levels a week every week is a big ask, saying that my highest level a week is 252 which can be done. Don’t forget that new levels come out every week ( like 30/45 extra levels ) you just have to complete as many levels as you can first time, as I have never spent a penny on Candy Crush just used what is available such as free boosters and level up, if my lives run out then I just stop playing.

Here are some of the tricks and tips that you may know or may not know. This something that Candy Crush developer, maybe already know, but you can use this to your advantage!

  1. Don’t play for extra points (don’t be greedy as you got loads of moves left) when you get the chance to complete the level, complete it.
  2. Level Up your free boosters by completing levels, when you lose it decrease one of your boosters. However, there is a secret to this.
  3. Increase your chances on the levels by using two colour bombs together, this will give you the advantage from the off and help you complete it the first time.
  4. Use boosters that you got on difficult levels (even though this is not the right way to do it, but it’s can be frustrating if you can’t get pass it). Such as the levels you just need 1 jelly or one item drop just use your boosters because you will get it back later on.
  5. Don’t update Candy Crush, there are many reasons to update or not update to the latest version on your phone. I recommend you don’t update unless you know that the next version Candy Crush developers hasn’t fixed the loopholes that I have shown you above ;). You can find that out by update or a second device ( i.e. Your kids’ tablet)

I Hope you have found this insight useful, feel free to post in the comment of what you want to know about candy crush. I only really play this to pass time because at the end you don’t really get anything out of it apart from frustration and a sense of achievement. Also you can just use this as a stress reliver.

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