January 1, 2018 0 min to read

New Website / Home

Category : Announcement

Welcome to my new website, it was a long time coming. I had issues with the web provider for a long time and enough was enough and decided to move. There wasn’t a surprise to everyone that when I told them that I have used GoDaddy, their website hosting service was ridiculously bad especially on their shared Windows server.  My website was so slow. So I decided to jump even with the money that I have paid already (I paid 3 years up front as it works out cheaper in the long run). I believed that within that their shared Linux server is better when it comes to speed.

Other than that, I hope you all find this website useful and help out a lot of you on what to do if you run into the same situation as me. You can support me by donating  a small donation (to keep me going) or just writing me a message to help me producing better content. 

Most things I do / explain here, I will try to make a video to do this to backup my point. I a firm believer of  seeing is believing methodology. 


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